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The Story of British Puppetry - looking back and looking ahead.

The German magazine Das andere Theater devoted an entire edition in 2006 to the history of British puppetry along with brief snapshots of the contemporary scene.

PUK was delighted to assist German UNIMA with the project and as a result is able to make the English translation available here complete with pictures. Our thanks to Clive Chandler, Glyn Edwards, and Ray DaSilva who prepared the report.

Click the weblink in the RH column to download a pdf of the whole magazine. The second link is to the site of the German Centre of UNIMA whose initiative we salute.

Czech and Slovak Puppetry and Puppet Museums

Taking on Low Pay/No Pay

Krazy Katʼs Midsummer Nightʼs Dream

Puppets in the Trenches

Beverley Puppet Festival remembered and reviewed

Strange Hill High - from the point of view of the Puppeteer!

Save the Lyma Birds

Spooky Folk - a modular approach to creating a puppet show

Photos from Beverley

Shared Experiences: organising a puppet festival

Creative Thinking for the Puppeteer

Memories of Skipton

The Story of British Puppetry - looking back and looking ahead.

‘The Punch and Judy Show’

Patron Saint of Puppeteers

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