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Save the Lyma Birds

Renowned as one of the most mischievous birds on the planet, the Lyma birds have hatched and escaped the nest and are creating havoc! In this interactive show, touring in 2015, it is up to the audience to help round up all of the hatchlings and reunite them with their mother before they disappear forever!

Save the Lyma Birds! is an interactive outdoor event that can be seen all over the festival as the audience search for the hatchlings and reunite at the nest for a final performance to create a fun, family friendly spectacle.

Knuckle & Joint have created Save the Lyma Birds as a walk-about show with a difference - an interactive walkabout in which the audience joins the performer to help bring the show to a happy conclusion.

Peter Morton, Joint Artistic Director of Knuckle & Joint, says, “Within Save the Lyma Birds! we utilise elements of both walk-about and stationary performance to engage our audience and immerse them in the show as much as possible. The show starts at the nest with the actor Dr. Newbury and the 12ft mother bird, these act like a hook for our potential festival audience to get involved. The audience are then invited to search around the festival and find the Lyma bird hatchlings that have escaped, this is an unexpected and pleasing development for our audience as they play an active role within “saving” the Lyma birds. Whilst also being a fun interactive “treasure hunt” this gently communicates the theme of the piece regarding endangered species. We think its important that the children invest in the performance, and presenting them problem that happens within their own world increases this. Within Knuckle & Joint we like to create performance, especially outdoors, that an audience feels like they have stumbled across - and who does not want to believe, if only in that moment, that giant friendly fluffy birds exist!”

Save the Lyma Birds! is available for bookings throughout 2015. Click to contact Knuckle & Joint for more details.

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